Explore WHEATBIOME through an interview with Rosa Pérez on Radio Voz

We are happy to share with you  that our coordinator Rosa Pérez gave an interview on November 9th on @Radio_Voz for the program #VocesDeTuCiudad, where she talked about WHEATBIOME.

WHEATBIOME is a research project that aims to improve the resilience and productivity of wheat crops in the face of climate change and biotic stresses. The project involves a multidisciplinary team of scientists from different institutions and countries, who use cutting-edge technologies and methods to study the wheat genome, transcriptome, metabolome, and microbiome.

In the interview, Rosa Pérez explained the main objectives and challenges of the project, as well as the expected impacts and benefits for the wheat sector and society. She also shared some of the most interesting findings and results obtained so far, and the future plans and activities of the project.

We congratulate Rosa Pérez for her excellent work and communication skills, and we thank @Radio_Voz and #VocesDeTuCiudad for giving us the opportunity to disseminate our project to a wider audience. We hope you enjoy the interview and learn more about the fascinating world of wheat!

Innovation and Collaboration: Keys to WHEATBIOME's Success

Rosa Pérez emphasized the importance of innovation and collaboration in the ongoing success of WheatBiome. With a diverse team of scientists, agronomic engineers, and technology experts, the project is continually evolving to address emerging challenges in agriculture.

Social and Environmental Impact of WHEATBIOME

The interview also focused on the positive impact WheatBiome can have on society and the environment. Rosa Pérez shared her vision of a future where research and advanced technologies contribute to more sustainable and resilient wheat production, promoting global food security.

Wheatbiome Project (@wheatbiome) / X
Rosa Pérez, Project Coordinator

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